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Win my 16-Week Whole Health Transformation Package on Facebook

I am excited to share that I am offering my Whole Health Transformation package for FREE. There is absolutely no catch and you do not have to buy anything!!! I am starting my own Health and Wellness business in Columbia City and I need a couple of volunteers who are able to work with me for four months. This will require you to be 100% committed. Please only consider this if you are willing to change your diet, start a regular workout routine, and can meet once a week for an hour. During these meetings we will talk about a whole food diet and how it can help with weight loss, (recipes provided). We will discuss a regular exercise routine and how to incorporate that into your schedule. We will look at stress management and the importance of it for a healthy lifestyle, (yoga would be an option, if interested). Meal prepping, grocery shopping, and pantry purging would also be available upon request. I will also offer motivational support with journal work, affirmation cards, and other fun activities. If you complete this program, I promise you will: lose weight, have more energy, have an increase in confidence, and feel amazing… but the best part is, you will not need the help of another weight loss program again to help with your health goals. You will learn everything in this program to sustain a healthy lifestyle. To be considered for this, please share my business page with your friends and comment on what your health goal is for 2020! I will select two people in December 1 and announce it on my page… At the end of the 16 weeks you will be given a $100 gift card to The Woodhouse Day Spa in Fort Wayne for your hard work! Can’t wait to hear from you...!

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