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Absolutely amazing! I loved all of the fresh food we tried and watched Jeanine prepare. She brought a ton of knowledge, experience and advice to our group. I follow and try most of her recipes. Can't wait for a yoga session.

Jenny Adkins-Refitt

I have enjoyed many of the healthy recipes that Jeanine has shared, especially the chili! She has helped me improve my form on several yoga poses. The guided meditations at the end of her classes are very relaxing.

Miranda Smith

I did yoga for the first time when I went to one of Jeanine’s classes. The setting was great and I did not feel intimidated at all. It was fun and I think it is something that I want to continue to do. I really like how relaxing the yoga nidra was. Jeanine definitely has a passion for this type of work and I would recommend her as a teacher/coach.

Chad Smith

Loved the meal prep and recipes! Jeanine has helped me get back on track and back to being healthier! With her help I’m able to help my family to become healthier, too! She is a wonderful person inside and out!

Alia Lonsbury

The food preparation was so simple to follow and my family loved the recipes. Working on my weight loss goals successfully; thanks to Jeanine

Ines Oldenburg

The guided meditation at the end of the yoga class left me feeling relaxed, peaceful, and buzzing with all the feel good chemicals! Jeanine's calming voice and clear guidance allowed my mind and body to feel total bliss!

Kelly Holt

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